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Safety instructions


Before every use, make sure the device case is in good condition, does not have mechanical or thermal damage, and has no traces of moisture. Make sure the electrical socket is working before use.

• Do not use the camera for illegal purposes; strictly abide by relevant laws.
• Do not insert the device into the human body!
• Use the product only for the intended purposes.
• Do not use the camera near an open flame or extreme heat source.
• Do not throw this product into a fire as it may cause an explosion
• External operating temperatures are from 40 to 100 Fahrenheit. Temperature range deviation can lead to damage to the device.
• Keep an eye on proper heat dissipation capability and ventilation.
• Use the product only under acceptable climatic conditions.
• Do not use this device in enclosed areas such as cabinets, desk drawers, sealed boxes, etc.
• Do not use the product in a humid environment.
•  Avoid any kind of spray on the unit’s surface.
• Do not use the product with a defective Micro SD card.
• Do not use the product with a defective USB cable.
• Make sure the device you are charging is working properly.
• It is forbidden to disassemble the housing and short-circuit the contacts of the battery. Watch out for an explosion!
• Keep the device away from damp environments or rainwater, and do not pour water on its surface.
• Light entering the lens: Provide a sufficient light source in terms of use. Do not use the camera under a very strong light source, such as directly in the sun, to avoid damaging the optical device.
• Avoid dropping the product, and do not expose it to strong vibrations.
• Make sure this device's electric socket and housing are in good condition, and gently insert/pull out the device from the electric socket to avoid electric shock.
• This product, like all electrical appliances, should be kept away from children!
• Do not try to make structural changes to the device. As a result, any warranty terms will be lost.
• Keep children away from the packaging material; there is a risk of suffocation.
• WARNING: It is strictly forbidden to keep loop recordings for more than 24 hours. For longer recordings, please use the MOTION DETECTION mode.
• Do not leave the device switched on unattended for more than 24 hours.


Electrical Hazard


• Do not open the product or use it in the presence of any damage.
• Do not use the product with a defective outlet socket.
• Do not use the product if there is faulty wiring in the room.
• Do not use the product with an unacceptable main voltage.
• Permissible main voltage:
100 - 240V


The device is intended for an outlet voltage of 100 - 240 V; therefore, it can be used in any country.   Attention: you need to have an adapter in countries that require one.


• Always unplug the device after use.



Maintenance and care


• Unplug the device before cleaning.
• Clean the product only with a lint-free, slightly damp cloth. Do not use any aggressive cleaners.
• Be careful. Avoid any water.
• Cleaning: Do not use in an extremely dusty environment to avoid getting dust on the lens and other camera components, as this may damage the camera.
• Waste management: Follow all environmental laws and don't throw the device away.


Exemption from liability


The manufacturer and sellers will not be held responsible if you break any laws using this device.


• The manufacturer: DIVINEEAGLE and its distributors are not responsible for all cases of electric shock, fire, explosions, bodily injury, property damage, or death in all cases of non-compliance with the rules of operation with electrical equipment, electrical appliances, electrical networks, and general rules of safe conduct with electricity including the rules described above.

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