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DIVINEEAGLE Mini Camera 1080p - Camera 1080p Full HD - Mini Cam - USB Mini Camera - Cam - Mini Camera

No audio recording function, no sound recording function

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List Price: $71.13


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About this item

  • Mini CAMERA Black
  • 1080P HD VIDEO & to 512GB MEMORY: This video camera shoots video at 1080p at 30 frames
  • EASY TO SETUP: The Camera is ready to go out of the box.
  • DATA PROTECTION: All videos are saved directly to the SD card.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: This hidden video cameras record video-only.

Product description

The mini camera record video-only.
Supports SD cards up to 512 GB.
Files can be viewed on a PC.
Includes: a USB-USB cable and a card reader.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Due to federal regulations, this camera does not record audio.

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